Great Rattler Run, Oct 2016


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Rattler Last Day – Day 16

Day Sixteen of The Great Rattler Run – Taking The Rattler to the Northernmost Point of The Australian Continent Today was the final day of The Great Rattler Run. Our adventure was drawing to it&...

Day 15 – Onwards to Loyalty Beach

Day Fifteen of The Great Rattler Run – Northern Half of The Old Telegraph Track to Loyalty Beach, Last Stop Before The Tip of Cape York!!!!! If one was just to look at the kilometres alone, you ...

The Old Telegraph Track – Day 14

Day Fourteen of The Great Rattler Run – The Old Telegraph Track Here we are, eating brekkie at Bramwell Junction Roadhouse, the last stop before the Southern section of The Old Telegraph Track. ...


Garage is coming along but not quickly enough as I need to kick-up my preparations for the 2019 Peking to Paris. 16 months away but it will fly by. In the meantime enjoy the progress on the new 20 car garage. I am! ... See MoreSee Less

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In my last post I advised that the news that my navigator for the 2019 P2P had to cancel and I asked if there was anyone out there that would like to take that seat. Well many many did and when I visited the SEMA show in Las Vegas the first week in November I met up with Kelly from Scottsdale that really wanted to be the navigator. Kelly’s CV was impressive and clearly showed she was a very competent person with the exact skills I was looking for.

I left Las Vegas to go to London to meet up with my doco’ distributor Edwina and cameraman Ben who had not long finished filming Rattler Run #3 which went from Surfers Paradise to Alice Springs via the Simpson Desert and then to Mt Isa via the Sandover Track. From there we ventured north to Karumba in the gulf for some prawns then it was off to Cairns and the Daintree Track to Cooktown the south via the CREB Track and back to Surfers paradise and home.

Following the meeting I went to the NEC Classic Car Show in Birmingham to meet up with old friends. Andrea from Poppyseed Media was there to greet me and I met up with my good friend Mike Brewer from Wheeler Dealers and many people from the press gallery. This was an excellent show and I couldn’t resist buying another collectible car, more about that over the next year. I will collect my hand built 1930’s Bentley at next year’s show. It takes a full on year to restore and build a really excellent 4 1/2L Bentley.

However it was back home to OZ and back to building a new 20 car garage at my house after fighting off the northern hemisphere flu for a week. My collector cars are all over the place in various garages away from home and I am working hard to have them handy at home. I live on the side of a very steep hill so to fit in 20 cars the garage has three levels including the mezzanine. I am hoping to have the garage finished before the P2P 2019….I am laying every one of the 5,000 concrete blocks myself!!!! It is really tough work for me at 75 years old but they do say it keeps me fit!!!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those that applied for the navigators position and I know there are some disappointed applicants out there but there is always next time!!! There is always a next time……….Rod.
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Due to unforeseen circumstances my navigator for the 2019 Peking to Paris Rally has had to cancel. So I’m searching for another navigator! I need to lock someone in pretty much straight away to meet the Endurance Rally Association deadlines and start planning for this event. Male or female doesn’t matter. If anyone is interested contact me on

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