Day 4 Tasmania Great Rattle Run Vintage Adventurer

14 Oct Day 4 – Tasmania

Day 4 - Tasmania This morning we started the day by driving to the airport to welcome more crew to Tasmania. Kevin arrived first, flying in from Kangaroo Island, South Australia. He was followed shortly after by Mark from the Gold Coast. Mark brought his lovely young...

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Day 3 Tasmania Great Rattler Vintage Adventurer

13 Oct Day 3 – Tasmania

Day 3 - Tasmania Last night I slept on the Spirit of Tasmania as we crossed Bass Straight and headed over to Tasmania. The ferry started rocking as soon as we left Port Phillip Bay and not long after, the waves started crashing into the bow...

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Day 2 Great Rattler Run Vintage Adventurer

12 Oct Day 2 – Parkes to Port Melbourne

Day 2 - Parkes to Port Melbourne Arrived in Parkes around 10 pm last night and pulled in to a motel. Starting time this morning was 5.30 am sharp, and we were out the door within 10 minutes and on the road in the dark and...

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Day 1 Wongawallen Great Rattler Vintage Adventurer

11 Oct Day 1 – Wongawallan to Parkes?

Day 1 - Wongawallan to Parkes? Departed from Wongawallan at 4.45 am and arrived at Hope's Body Repairs in Warwick where I arranged ahead of time to have the trailer strengthened for the Old Telegraph Track when we make it to the far north. This might...

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1 more sleep Great rattler Run Vintage Adventurer

10 Oct Only 1 More Sleep to go!!!

Hello again!!! Only 1 more sleep to go! Last prep day is almost over, and the final pack up, thorough check and highway test is done. With The Rattler well secured it was time for a final road test. The Landcruiser purred with its new telemetry...

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2 more sleeps Great Rattler Run Vintage Adventurer

09 Oct 2 More Sleeps!

Hello everyone!! Only 2 more sleeps now! The Rattler needed a bit of a polish to look it's best before the dirt and mud covers it. I am working away feverishly trying to complete 5 days’ work in 2!!! I have no idea why this always...

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5 Days to go The Great Rattler Run Vintage Adventurer

06 Oct 5 Days and Counting..

5 days to go! Updating all the decals on the vehicles for each journey is a big job! Today I had a little helper tag along with her crew member mummy, and we dropped the last 2 vehicles off at Graffiti Stickers for the final touches...

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6 Days to the off Vintage Adventurer Great Rattler Run

05 Oct 6 Days to the Off!

Hello everyone! Only 6 days to go now. Next Tuesday, I leave home with my lovely Rattler on the back of the trailer and start the journey to Tasmania. I'm taking one crew member with me for the drive to Tassie. Six more crew will fly...

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Great Rattler Run 2016 Vintage Adventurer

03 Oct Check out this Gadget!

Check out this gadget! This ground anchor will come in very handy on The Great Rattler Run. Rod  ...

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01 Oct 9 Days to go!

Hello everyone! Only 9 days to go until I hit the road and head south. Take a look at my lovely Rattler :-) Enjoy! Rod

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Great rattler Run Repair Day Vintage Adventurer

01 Oct Repair Day!!

Today was repair day on the Rattler to dress up the mudguards that I flared with a pipe wrench when in deep sand in the Simpson Desert on The Desert Rattler Run. Using a pipe wrench to flare the guards was quite a drastic thing...

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13 Days to Off Great Rattler Run Vintage Adventurer

27 Sep 13 Days to Lift Off!

Only 13 days to go before lift off!! I’m into the night shift now and thinking through just what is needed for deep water and boggy river crossings. You know, the type where crocodiles lurk in wait! I don't want to be stuck in the water...

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What A Day Great rattler Run Vintage Adventurer

27 Sep What A Day!!

What a day!!! I took the Fuso 4wd to Ray at The Tyre Professionals Nerang and the huge Michelin single tyres for the rear were fitted. Frank had the fronts put to the back and two new Michelins donated by BF Goodrich were fitted to the...

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Crew TShirt Printing Great rattler Run Vintage Adventurer

26 Sep Crew Tees!

Just clocked on to my night time job as a screen printer! I'm printing up T-shirts for the crew. This is when I realise just how diversified my crew makeup is. Some ‘string beans’ and some that have beaten anorexia. I'm going to screen up some shirts...

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Rattler Trailer Great Rattler Run Vintage Adventurer

26 Sep Rattler Trailer Rebuild

The trailer needed a full rebuild following The Desert Rattler Run. New springs, new electric brakes and wiring, and a complete sand down and repaint. Tool box repaired, winch serviced and tested. All that is needed now are the decals which I'm off to do today. Also been...

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Waterproofing The Rattler Great Rattler Run Vintage Adventurer

25 Sep Waterproofing the Rattler

Today, being Sunday, is my family day, and a day of reflection. But when there is so much to prepare priorities shift. On the Rattler today it was time to seal, as best I could, the floor area around the steering column, clutch and brake pedals...

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The Canopy Arrives Great Rattler Run Vintage Adventurer

25 Sep The Canopy Arrives!!

The canopy arrives!!!! Crew member Mark from Wicked Fabrications that makes all things aluminium and stainless steel for my cars and of course for boats at the Coomera Marina Precinct arrived at my workshop at afternoon smoko with a canopy for the Rattler that his mate...

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Great Rattler Run 2016 Vintage Adventurer

24 Sep 2 Weeks to Off!

It's now only about 2 weeks until I leave home and set off for Tasmania with the Rattler. So I thought it was about time I updated everyone on all the preparations for the next adventure. Look at the Fuso - isn't she looking great! She...

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